What Makes BPM Tools So Important

The answer to this question should be based on the nature of business process management tools. BPM tools are specific systems that can be broadly divided into two categories: tools that can “capture” process description for further analysis and tools that are used for automation of processes.

Now, Business Process Management is an approach that is focused on enhancing corporate performance via management and optimization of a company’s business performance. Implementation of BPM tools enables businesses to be more effective and more agile, resulting in the growth of their revenues.

BPM, as an approach has, been widely accepted by leading companies in order to transform their activities and improve their business operations. As a practice, BPM needs “hands” to implement management, analysis, execution and other processes. They come in the form of suites, platforms, packages, and also can be computer or cloud-based.

How to choose a BPM tool?

When we are looking for the best BPM tools, we need to think in the terms of cost, features, our company’s specific needs, and flexibility in use.

We need tools that will cost us a reasonable amount of money. This product should not necessarily be the cheapest in the market, but it should also be understood that customers are ready to pay for an amazing experience and quality. A BPM system must have those features that would meet the company’s specific needs. For instance, a sales company needs a CRM solution that will help it build a customer network. However, it is a must for all BPM systems to provide flexibility and easiness in use. In particular, its applications should be 100% compatible with the company’s legacy systems and applications.

What else is important to know about BPM tools?

Business process management systems have become some of the most important tools in the business world because more and more businesses and organizations are willing to adopt them in order to enhance their business workflow.

It needs to be considered that once a BPM system is implemented it becomes part of a company’s responsibility. In particular, the enterprise’s IT department and other divisions across the company will have to work in close co-operation in order for this tool to become effective.

There is a misconception that BPM systems are difficult to implement and that they disrupt the work of a company’s existing functional systems. However, all the practice has proved it that BPM tools are very simple in use and can be easily aligned with current systems.

BPM tools readily demonstrate their benefits to the enterprise. The advantages of BPM systems are easy to quantify and can also be expressed in the form of business value. For instance, the use of business process management tools can expedite the completion of certain tasks and enhance operations allowing a company to accomplish its objectives.

3 BPM tools that are special

Bpm’online is rightfully at top of this BPM tools list since this software is a combination of tools for service, sales, and marketing. This solution claims to improve enterprise’s operational efficiency and enhance its business processes. This software has the following characteristics:

  • A reliable BPM platform is an out-of-the-box solution backing all the bpm’online products. You can model and run any types of processes using this platform. It will give your company a wide range of technological advantages such as simple customization, easy deployment, and open configuration.
  • An innovative BPM engine, which is the heart of this platform, provides all the necessary solutions for process management operations. It also supports modification of running processes providing easy testing and modification in the cloud and fast adoption of industry’s best practices.
  • Its visual process designer allows easy creation, modification, and optimization of processes. This tool ensures that all process diagrams will be easy to customize and understand.
  • Top intelligent BPM tools assist businesses and organizations in achieving their goals.

Deltek Costpoint promises valuable solutions for a wide range of users. This company offers various BPM software tools and products for all industries. They include: business development solutions, enterprise information management, project ERP solutions and some others. These products have the following features:

  • They provide tools for financial management to enhance profitability. Since project life cycle can be unique and complex, this software ensures automation of financial processes. You can obtain accurate information that will help you improve your budgeting.
  • Automation of human resource processes allows businesses to concentrate on strategic HR activities instead of wasting time on regular manual process. This tool provides a unified system of record.
  • These solutions assist in decision-making turning the company’s critical information into practical data. That helps make more balanced decisions and increase profitability.

Comindware solution was designed for management and business process modeling as well as for other activities that help companies boost their operations. The specifics of this solution is that it allows non-technical users to create, execute, and modify workflows with simplicity. It has the following characteristics:

  • This software offers a visual form builder enabling its users to easily design and modify web forms. This tool is very simple in use, has drag-and-drop function, allows export to Excel and MS Word and has other helpful features.
  • The automation solution provides such capabilities as unification of documents, resources, and tasks in one environment. It allows flexible management of your business processes, creation and modification of assignment rules, notifications and other.
  • This software is backed by a unique workflow engine, which provides excellent performance and ensures scalability.


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