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What every girl has to have in her bag during autumn?

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A bag is one of the girl’s best friends. Whenever you are, you can be sure that it has everything you need. Apart from the essentials such as keys and a wallet, here is the list of the seven items you should have in your purse during autumn.

A moisturizer

As the weather changes, so your summer skin care routine should be replaced. Autumn brings winds and lower temperatures, all factors leading to drier skin. Instead of a light cream/lotion you used during the summer, consider an oil-based moisturizer, which creates a protective layer on the skin and prevents the moisture loss. Be careful as not every oil is beneficial for your face. Opt for products containing avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, or almond oil. On the other hand, moisturizers containing glycerine, sorbitol and alpha-hydroxy acids retain moisture on the skin, too.

A hair oil

A hair oil is one of the best multitaskers, when it comes hair care. It helps you stylizes your hair, it is a good heat protectant and it has a host of health benefits. Especially during autumn, your hair becomes frizzy due to heat during summer, autumn wind and constant electricity caused by the movement of hair against fabrics including hats, shawls and clothing. You can add a hair oil into your shampoo, you can apply it both through the ends on wet hair, or on dry hair to quickly style it up.

A lip balm

Cold weather can affect not only our skin and hair, but our lips as well. Especially during windy periods, make sure you have a lip balm in your purse. A lip balm repairs and moisturizes your lips, it is affordable and can be tinted. So, there is not a single reason to skip on this product this autumn. On the other hand, there are lip moisturizers which contain sugar for the exfoliation of dry lips. So you can consider this option, as well. For the intensive care of your lips during autumn, opt for a lip treatment, which you apply before bed.

A hand sanitizer and a hand cream

Among items every girl should always have in her purse is a hand sanitizer. A hand cream is another item you should make sure you have during autumn because your hands needs pampering, as well. As any other part of your skin, our hands become dry and loses moisture when the temperature drops. Additionally, a good hand cream can repair chapped hands and prevent aging.

A scarf

A favourite fall accessory is definitely a scarf. Oversized scarves were the landmarks of 2014, but their popularity did not stop growing in 2015 either. Traditional chunky knit scarves are the thing this season, as well. When it comes to formal wear, fur scarves had a comeback at runway shows for winter/fall 2015. Whichever you choose, it will keep you warm.

A French beret

A French beret is prefect for this transitional period between summer and winter. And it is super trendy, as well. Velvets and felt berets and berets with pom-poms are the latest craze on the runway, but you can choose whichever colour and style you like. They are practical pieces as they can be combined with any outfit you choose and they are small enough to be put away in the purse.

A folding umbrella

It goes without saying that you need an umbrella during autumn, but who says you should have a boring one. Personalized umbrellas are just what you need as you can choose any colour you like and print out on them whatever comes to your mind. It is not difficult to be unique during the rainy season with this kind of umbrella.

Everything you need to be stylish and take care of your health can be packed in your bag. So, do not forget about the items when you go out the next time!

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