Sales & Marketing Rely on Each other to Help Business Prosper

Although both marketing and sales are dissimilar and require unique skills and approach, but they actually are related with each other. Marketing is a far-reaching, rather naive concept, whereas sale is thought of as the give-and-take activity. Marketing is an overall organizational activity which includes planning, valuing, advertising, and packaging and selling of any product. Selling is consequently only a portion of the total marketing.

Therefore, marketing as a theory and method is much broader than sales and is also vigorous as the attention is on the consumer instead of the manufactured goods. While sales rotate around the requirements and concern of the constructer or dealer, marketing rotates around that of customer. Experts such as George Bardwil say that sales develop associations with customers and channel partners. They overcome objections, negotiate prices and terms and often work within to ensure that the customer’s orders are fulfilled.

However, without proper marketing a sale can suffer. Therefore, right from the inception of the idea, till selling the products to the customers, every step in business requires marketing. In this big chain of events, sales and marketing are the most important challenges that one may face as new applicants wherein they have to convince customers and make them buy the product. Marketing increases the market value of the product and also improves the sales figures of the product under consideration. Professionals such as George Bardwil point out to some of the major differences that exist between selling and marketing:

  • In case of selling the emphasis is usually given on the product whereas in case of marketing, the emphasis is on consumer needs.
  • The management in sales is volume oriented and in marketing it is profit oriented.
  • Sales give stress on the needs of seller while marketing gives stress on the needs and wants of buyers.
  • Sales view business as a good producing process while marketing views business as consumer producing satisfying process.
  • In sales cost determines price while in marketing consumer determines price and as a result the price determines cost.
  • Sales emphasize on staying with existing technology and reducing costs whereas marketing emphasizes on every existing technology to the customer by accepting a grander technology.
  • Selling is an integral part of marketing which targets at potential customers and facilitates the product sales; on the other hand, marketing consists of all important things such as product, pricing, promotion and selling.

So, sales and marketing experts like George Bardwil state that marketing and sales is not identical thing even though they are both very significant parts of the whole procedure. Each one needs to have a thorough level of skill and a method that is operative and convincing. One cannot be present in absence of the other if you want to be successful at selling your products, services and ideas to the customers.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that marketing and sales are distinctly different but depend on each other to help the business prosper.

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