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Redesigning Your Office

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If it seems like you’re not making the best use of your office space, it may be time to call in a professional office fit out expert and redesign the entire thing. These professionals have years of experience with designing or redesigning office interiors to make the best use of space, create the right flow of traffic, and provide you with the areas you need in order to conduct business efficiently. They can redesign many different spaces including offices, retail space, and even medical suites. If you’re considering working with an office fit out company, here’s what you need to know.

Make a Plan

The first thing you’ll do is meet with your redesign expert and do a walk-through of your space. He or she will need to get an idea of what you have to work with. You’ll also talk about what you need out of the space. This is when you can discuss why the design isn’t working for you. You may need larger offices or conference rooms. You might want additional storage areas and fewer offices if it seems like more of your employees want to use a communal space. Your reception area may be too cramped. Whatever you need, this is the part of the redesign to discuss it.

Review the Designs

Once you’ve provided your needs, your office fit out team will create a sketch based on those needs and the space you have. You can go over this plan with your own team to decide if the way the office is fitted works for you or if any revisions are needed. In some cases, it may be perfect. For other fit outs in Melbourne, you may decide it’s not what you want and ask for some changes.

Look at the Budget

Once you’ve approved the sketch, your fit out team will then provide you with a budget so you can see exactly what it would cost to renovate your office and make all of the changes you’ve discussed. This budget will include everything, not just the rearrangement of internal walls. You may need to have new electrical wiring run, heating and air ducts moved, new flooring put down, and even additional lights installed.

In fact, all of that can be a part of your fit out needs if you’ve determined that your current office is lacking. If you need additional electrical outlets, for example, make certain you bring this up in your initial meetings. Some older offices may not have enough electrical wiring to support your equipment. Make sure all of these needs are met in addition to your space needs.

Construction and Project Management

Once you’ve decided to begin the redesign, your fit out team will oversee everything. They will get all of the approval and permits needed and then coordinate with all of the contractors and other experts who will handle the actual construction. There’s nothing else you have to do except clear out of the office while the construction is going on.

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