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Questions You Need To Ask Your Financial Advisor

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It is imperative at your part to interview more than two financial planners before establishing a relationship. In this article, we will come to know about those questions, which you need to ask while choosing a financial planner.

What is your experience in this field?

You need to ask your financial planner to give a brief description of his work experience. Find out if it is in accordance with the current practice. Your financial planner is supposed to have at least three years of experience in the required field.

What are your qualifications?

Do not hesitate to ask about the credentials your financial adviser holds. Understand whether he is in touch with the current changes and development of financial world or not. Kreditus professionals expand their knowledge and stay updated by several courses.

What financial services you are providing?

You may be aware that financial planners cannot sell insurance, mutual funds or stocks. They are supposed to have proper license to sell these financial instruments. Similarly, they are not authorized to give you investment advice unless they are registered with the concerned authorities of your state.

What kind of clients do they have?

There are financial planners who work if their client’s assets are above a particular range. That is why it is imperative at your part to make sure that your financial planner or adviser is appropriate for your financial situation. Some financial planners will give you advice only if you have a certain net worth. When you are searching for the right financial planner or adviser, you can mention your investable asset range. This will help you find the specific financial planner to cater your individual requirements.

How to pay

You can pay your kreditus financial planners by several ways. You can pay through fees, commission or both. You need to have a written agreement and mention it clearly that how they will charge for the services they will provide.

How much you will charge.

How much you need to pay depends on what kind of services you are getting. On the basis of your requirements, your service provider will give you an estimate of possible costs. This may include hourly rate, flat rate or commission on financial products.

Have you ever been disciplined for any unlawful action?

The concerned financial authority of your state and securities department keeps a record of disciplinary action taking against financial planners or advisers. You can check with them and find out if he was subjected to any disciplinary action or he has violated any financial regulations of that state.

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