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Packing a Pallet for Your Next Move

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Pallet delivery is often associated with the transportation of business goods. The fact is that individuals moving abroad can also benefit from this cost-effective service. If you are considering using a company that offers pallet delivery in Switzerland or elsewhere and are packing your items yourself, this is what you will need to pack your pallet for your move:

The Materials

A large part of having a successful move is having your items arrive at their final destination safely and intact. For this, you will need to have:

  • A pallet box or container (most pallet delivery services will have these available)
  • A pallet (a pallet delivery service may be able to provide you with these)
  • Pallet wrap (this protects your pallet box from the elements)
  • Bubble wrap (this protects the goods inside of your box)
  • Security straps (though optional, they help keep your goods secured during transport)

Packing the Box

Why a lot of homeowners choose to move their goods by using a pallet delivery service as opposed to a traditional moving service is that heavier goods can be more easily transported. Because your box will be lifted by a pallet, you are not as restricted by what you can pack in your box. Do double check with the delivery service, however, what the maximum weight of your box should be.

Your items will shift during the move. While you can fit heavier goods into a box, they should still be properly wrapped up in bubble wrap or immersed in foam pellets. Another way to pack your items safely in the box is to use towels and bed linens. These will not only keep your items protected, but they will come in handy later on.

Preparing Your Pallet

You will be able to arrange with the delivery service where the pallet will be picked up. The shipping company will be bringing a forklift to remove the pallet and its contents, so it must be located in a space that is accessible. A garage, driveway or parking garage is often best though you may be able to make other arrangements with the delivery company.

When you have completed packing up the box, pallet wrap should be used to secure the top, bottom, and corners of the box. This will protect your box from the elements and will go a long way in preventing any rips, tears and water damage. If you are choosing to use security straps (which is highly recommended for heavier boxes), apply them horizontally and vertically. Consider setting two straps beneath your pallet box before packing the pallet. This will make securing your box to the pallet much easier.

Proper Documentation

With your pallets packed and complete, the final step is to securely attach the appropriate labels to your boxes. The pallet delivery service that you choose should be able to provide you with all of the documentation that will need to be affixed to the outside of the boxes. To ensure that it is well secured, cover it with clear plastic.

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