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How can you get rid of debts with simple blogging

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Blogging may still seem like an odd job option. People are still not accustomed to the idea of online income is a steady job, but things are changing. In this times, when lifestyle and costs are growing every day, not just for ambition but people have to loan even for their basic requirement. In these times, earning some extra cash from home doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, does it? The most common question that people wonder is how can one survive and earn enough from just blogging on the internet.

Truth is, freelance blogging is a real job, and people are doing it to pay for their expenses and even get rid of their debts. The truth is, you can make a hefty amount of money from blogging if you use good advertising, affiliate marketing, etc.

How to earn more revenue?

Also, you can make more income as a freelance writer as well. Your blog will work as a portfolio and will portray your work to various people, including potential customers. When you earn enough money through your blogs, you can and will be able to pay off your debts and also make some savings to fulfill your other future financial goals. In all debt settlement reviews, you will see experts talking in favor of making extra income to pay off the existing loans. In case, you are not the kind of person who likes to live on a limited income and wait for the next paycheck; blogging may seem like a lucrative career for you.

Start your blog today to grow your income:

The thing with any startup is that you don’t reap the benefits overnight. Same goes for blogging. Always remember, that your blog is your brand and your company. So you have to nourish it and invest in it to make it grow. Firstly, you have to find your calling as a blogger. Everyone is different, and the topics they discuss are also different. Now unless you dearly feel for your topics, there is no way that you can make the people relate to it as well. Firstly, you have to set your goal, find your calling and then keep working towards that goal. In this way, you can expect to be earning a decent amount from your blogs after a year or so.

How can you make money from blogs?

Blogs can be used to advertise, and they work as a network ad or banner. You can promote sponsored contents through your blogs. Network ads usually come around what your search results. There are various network ad providers. Google AdSense is the front-runner, there are also Ad Thrive and Media.Net. You can choose such an ad provider that works best for your blog. In case of WordPress, Google will be a better choice since WordPress works well with Google.

Why should you use WordPress?

There are various reasons why you should use WordPress. Firstly, it is a free tool that is very easy and flexible to use. Secondly, it is an open source content management system which means anyone with a little knowledge of technology can modify it, and the source code is available to the general public. Also, there are numerous free plugins and feature that you can download for free for your convenience. The only things you have to worry about are getting a domain name and a hosting site which require a very reasonable amount. With WordPress blogs, you can create your website and use it as a business portfolio.

How to set up network ads?

You can quickly set up network ads by just copying and pasting few HTML codes into your blog. You can do this at the beginning of your blogging, but then you won’t be making much of income. Income through blogging will start happening when you have a decent number of viewers coming to visit your page.

What is a banner ad?

You can use banner ads for the promotion of a product of some company by putting it on your blog posts in WordPress. You might worry, but it’s not so difficult. You can easily put someone’s advertisement on your blog’s sidebar if they show interest in doing so. In case of  WordPress, there is a plugin for this purpose that you can install to put up a banner advertisement on your blogs.

You can get commissions from sponsored contents when you promote various brands or services. They might ask you to write an article on their product as a review, or they might just provide you with the article themselves, and you would have to publish it. In affiliate marketing, you work as an associate and get paid for your troubles. The best way to get advertisers is to look for companies that provide similar services to what you blog. How much money you will make depends on how popular your blog is. You get a commission for traffic.

Affiliate marketing program

Bloggers usually earn money from product promotion in the form of fees. In affiliate programs work well with those who read. One of the most popular affiliate programs in the world right now is Amazon affiliates as it has tons of customers. People want to buy from amazon, and thus it became a relevant topic.

Wrapping up

Always choose topics and products that you know your reader, and you can relate. Your readers will follow you for a reason, so it is important that you build upon your theme that you relate to. In affiliate marketing or blog writing on WordPress what you do is sell the product to your readers. So unless you feel that the product is genuinely great, it will not be compelling. Do not lie to your readers as it will hamper your brand name in the long run. Promote products which seem fantastic to you, and you genuinely believe in. You can also start creating your digital products and sell them through your blog like e-books etc. Many lifestyle coaches make money through this method. In short, WordPress opens up tons of new ways for you to get rid of your debt without having to go through the trouble of having to compare tons debt settlement reviews at all.


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