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Essay About the Situation on the Labor Market

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In previous articles, you learned how to write a resume and to behave at the interview. In general, the issue of employment is important not only for students, but it is relevant in itself. In many countries, the level of unemployment exceeds up to 10 percent of the population of the country. This topic is relevant because employment is not only a part of the economic and social field of any country, but also a crucial element for a comfortable life of any person. Below, I write my paper online so it can serve you a sample or you can request here for new one.



The biggest problem on the labor market is the high percentage of unemployment. For instance, in the United States, this rate hit a record high in 2010 – 9.6% and it is an official statistic. It is believed that most of the unemployed are homeless and marginalized, who do not want to work, but there are different situations. In addition, employment level affects the political situation in the country. For example, due to the lack of a good social policy and the ignoring of economic problems, unemployment may reach more than 50%, like 57.9 percent in Greece. This is Europe, and in the so-called Third World countries, this percentage may reach the mark of 70%. However, even in countries with a developed economic, there is a problem of finding work. The queues in the labor centers only confirm this.You can find more about unemployment statistics here.


We cannot say that everything depends on the willingness of a person to work. If we follow the trend on the market, we will see that all manufacturers strive to optimize the production. What does it mean? To save money and increase the efficiency of factory work, the owners automate the production. If 50 years ago 1000 workers were needed to make the factory work, with the using of the machine eventually one-third of employees may be reduced. The machines can do the same work way faster and eliminate the human factor error. However, in an essay, you can mention that automation is a good trend. You can provide dozens of arguments. Yes, it reduces the number of human workers, but on the other hand, it also reduces the burden on the workers. Typically, the automaticsystem is used in the most complex areas of work. For example, imagine that you need to make a thousand pencils per dayon your own. You will carry with this task until night, but obviously, you will not finish. A machine will do it for a couple of hours.

Unemployment Benefits

In many countries, there is the practice of the paying unemployment benefit. On one hand, it is great, because even without a job you will not die of hunger. On the other hand, sociologists see this as a negative trend. How is unemployment associated with benefits? The problem is that people who are on welfare, in the end, are satisfied with their life.The benefit is a financial aid until you find a job. Although moving back to reality, when you do not work, but you have a regular income,you will not want to work anymore. In some developed countries the situation is not very good. For example, in Switzerland a large benefit is paid, so many people fall into such circumstances. The situation is getting worse by the fact that the youth does not want to work, students do not have the desire to do something and make a living on their own. You can describe the pros and cons of such a social policy in your essay.


Sociologists note the general trend of the unwillingness to work that spreads among the younger generation. Many people are looking for easy money and avoid the job. In the essay, you can describe the causes and consequences of such a situation. The cause is not only in the natural human laziness, which all of us inherit. We cannot say clearly, but perhaps one of the reasons is our modern consumer society and technological progress. There is an opinion that technology corrupts the humanity. With the advent of the Internet of things, people have fewer actions to do with their own hands: a smart vacuum cleaner or a washing machine clean everything by itself, and the light is turned on with one swipe on your smartphone. Thus,the refusal of such little household activities causes the unwillingness to do anything on your own.

Profession Trend

Another idea for an essay is a profession trend on the labor market. Do a little research: what professions are in demand, how many employees are represented in these professions? For example, at the end of the 00th it was popular to study law, and with the advent of the Internet, the IT specialists and developers were in demand. The urgency of the profession at a particular time depends on many factors of the country’s development. For example, in the future of automation industries, there is a need for people, who will manage all these machines. You may analyze various factors which determine the popularity of the profession. By the way, here it is worth to mention the level of popularity of each profession with crowds. There are stereotypes about the prestige of one or another specialization. For example, being a lawyer is more respectable than being a barber.

Work for Students

This is the most urgent problem for many students. There are not so many offers for the students on the market. Mostly you will find a one-time offer or part time work in the supermarkets. If you are a student and want to find a well-payed job, in the 90 percent of cases it is impossible without an experience. There is a joke, that the employer requires the employee up to 25 years with 30 years of experience. Although, it is not all that bad. For students, there are different proposals and if the employer is interested in as qualified worker, he will teach everything a student needs to know. Perhaps you faced such a challenge of finding a work by yourself, so describe this experiences in the essay.


Nowadays, a startup is a hot topic of a modern business. You can devote your essayto the way of doing your own business. Today, there are huge numbers of opportunities to start a business. Even if you have no startup capital, but there is an interesting idea and well thought-out business plan, then you can ask for help. Today there exist various of onlinecrowdfunding platforms where you can raise money for the idea. The most famous and reliable one is Kickstarter. Every day there appear thousands of the ideas. In addition, this platform is well-known and there you may be lucky to find not only some pocket money, but your project may be noticed by a large investor.

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