Digital Marketing Trends We Can Expect in 2017

Thanks to the wide popularity of the Internet and various digital mediums, digital marketing has become one of the main parts of any business’s marketing ecosystem. It has become the easiest and the most efficient way to reach large audiences even with a very modest marketing budget. The trends of digital marketing for the current year will not change that much in the year to come.

One thing is certain, machine learning is going to be used even more in the digital marketing industry. Without further ado, here is the compiled list of the digital marketing techniques that will mark 2017.

Big Data Arrives to the Red Carpet

Big data is one of the key trends that will shape marketing efforts during the next year. When we talk about big data in marketing, what we have in mind are predictive analytics and customer and market insights.

Over time, the volume of data from the official website, customer support and sales department becomes a valuable asset to be used, for instance, in order to personalize the website or lunch an effective and personalized email marketing campaign. Machine learning is going to be more used for data mining in order to discover the behaviour and characteristics of customers.

Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing remains to be one of the leading trends in the digital marketing industry. The only thing that varies is the type of content that is to be chosen as primary for marketing campaigns. Though, same as last year, integrated content marketing strategies will be the most common used ones, utilizing different content types in various situations.

The sophistication of the content process will continue throughout the next year. The main goals are to provide richer, personalized content by collecting more data from visitors. Marketing apps will be used to further increase the interactive experience for the customers.

Search Engine Optimization

After Google announced the AMP (accelerate mobile pages) and the mobile index, it became very clear that SEO efforts remain as one of the primary strategies for digital marketing departments. Since Google made AMP a ranking factor in search algorithms, all experts advise that sites should be optimized respectfully, especially the sites of business that have an active blog.

Since SEO projects are becoming more and more complex, we can also safely assume that SEO projects will be outsourced to specialized firms. This is why we can also assume that the traffic on review websites where a comparison of SEO companies can be found will increase.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is brand new marketing technology and people are starting to use it more and more, cognizing its potentials and applications. Statistics tell us that there will be more than 70 billion connected devices by 2020.

All this data gathered across billions of sensors will allow companies to enhance marketing strategies and offer a more personalized approach. It remains to be seen how the implications of IoT change not only the marketing ecosystem, but also the way we live our lives.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms remain to be one of the top digital marketing trends thanks to their reach. Marketers also have various possibilities to engage the audience on a social media network.From the data available right now, we can clearly see that Facebook and Twitter usage for marketing purposes is in decline, while Instagram and Snapchat usage is still steadily growing.

Usually, the trends in this field are dictated by social media networks. Their strategies on how to monetize advertising campaigns dictate the content type and the frequency of advertising. Any innovations in remarketing and targeting social media algorithms will reshape marketing efforts in the next year.

As you can see, all the major players of the digital marketing world are still going to be with us in 2017. Among these ones, we can expect to see further efforts being made to improve Customer Relationship Management along with Social Customer Care.

Clearly, the focus is completely being shifted towards improving the customer experience overall. If you want to expand your knowledge on the specific trends mentioned here, feel free to read related online articles.

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