Cash Transit Services Enable Businesses and Governments to Streamline the Transfer of Funds

Covert services in cash transit allow councils and state governments to transfer money without difficulty. These mobile security services also cover the cash logistics for companies, institutions, and retail chains across Australia. Security specialists in the field securely transport cash as well as cash equivalents, precious stones, precious metals, artefacts, jewellery, and restricted and sensitive materials.

By definition, cash in transit is the physical transfer of coins, banknotes, or other items of value from one designated spot to the next. Generally, three types of CIT services are offered:

  1. Covert cash banking services collect a client’s money and deliver it to a bank.
  2. Change delivery CIT services cover picking up change from a bank and delivering it to a business
  3. Cash counting covers picking up money, counting it, and depositing it into the customer’s bank account. A breakdown of the money counted is sent to the business.

Reliable and Safe Transfers of Cash

CIT services are available any day of the week. The services are scheduled on certain days as needed, on weekends, after hours, and on public holidays. As a result, services covering cash in transit in Melbourne are as convenient as they are reliable and safe.

CIT security professionals work with all kind of businesses, institutions, and governmental entities, including all the major Australian banks. These banks might include such well-known financial institutions as Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, and NAB.

In addition, some not-for-profits, car parks, fetes, schools, hospitals, foreign currency agencies, and hotels make use of CIT services. When it comes to cash handling and management, covert security services greatly assist businesses that do not want to display the movement of assets within their company.

Logistic Type Businesses

Legally, CIT companies are viewed as logistic businesses in the field of private security. Therefore, they also have to uphold security and transport regulations in accordance with the legislation implemented in their locale. The regulations in the industry may impose certain restrictions or requirements on firearm usage, the kinds of vehicles used, or the minimum number of employees on a crew. Services are carried out using armoured, semi-armoured, or soft-skinned vehicles. Typically, soft-skinned vehicles are not used unless there is an alternative security back-up in effect.

Because CIT companies handle and transport cash and other valuables, such as precious metals, diamonds, or similar items, they may be named AIT (asset-in-transit) services in countries outside of Australia. The service is also referenced as “asset handling” in some locations.

Regardless of how you to choose to use a CIT business, make sure you work with a company that is experienced and well-versed on all there is to know in this area of security. CIT companies should be part of a bigger package that offers such services as coin processing, vault storage, security guards, crowd control, or mobile patrol.

Outsourcing the handling of cash is a way to avoid internal cash handling problems and helps with keeping track of how the money is channelled. It is always a good idea to align your business, organisation, or restaurant with a cash handling and transport provider. Make your money work for you by outsourcing CIT activities.

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