Breaking the Shackles of Poverty with Microfinance

Being born in a poor family is nothing to be ashamed of; it is not your fault if you are destined to be born there. That does not mean that you have to remain poor all your life, there are various ways in which one can redeem himself from this piteous situation; but you have to have the inclination to do so. Often it is noticed that those who fall into the category of being called poor prefer to beg or steal and carry on their living rather than doing something worthwhile and honorable to alleviate their position in life.

Micro finance is the thing that provides one such great opportunity. To understand the concept better, you can break up the word, ‘micro’ meaning small and ‘finance’ meaning monetary support. In simple words, it is a kind of loan that is small in structure, keeping in mind the capacity of the borrower of the loan. The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is the name to be mentioned that provides this kind of loan to the poor people.

In fact, Mr. Joe is known for his expertise in the concept of micro financing and he takes upon himself to lead all the volunteers at this foundation in educating and making more and more people aware of the advantages of availing a loan through micro finance. This non-profit organization, based in Tampa in Florida, has changed the lives of numerous poverty stricken people and is still successfully doing so.

The availability of micro finance has given financial stability to these poor and deprived people and has made them confident in themselves as well as in life. Now they longer live in doubt and uncertainty of what would be their plight the next day of their life. They have overcome the days when they did not know where their food or clothing would come from. This has given them such a boost that they even consider education as an important part of their and their children’s lives.

The destitute are helped by the employees at the Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation by making them first of all understand what this micro finance is all about. After that they are given the loan, post which they are told the rules by which they have to abide, pertaining to the paying back of the loan amount.

Once the intended business is set up and starts to function well, the borrower has to repay the foundation the borrowed amount in small installments. The borrowers have been so gratified by the kind of change that has come about their lives with this financing system that they feel blessed to have been chosen to be given such help. They not only became capable of repaying the loan, they have enough to be able to save a little for their future use as well.

The micro financing has given them ultimate financial freedom and made them feel that they too have a life that they can be proud of; this is what makes them more zealous towards improving their business and breaking the shackles of poverty.


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