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6 Ways Flyers are the Secret Stars of your Print Marketing

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The humble flyer is often overlooked when it comes to increasing sales and carrying out an effective marketing strategy. Of course marketing tactics like websites and social media are important, but it is also important not to overlook cost-effective, impactful solutions like flyer printing when you are thinking about ways to promote your company and build your brand. With a great design and excellent content, a flyer can increase your presence and give people something to talk about. Here’s why you need to consider flyer printing in your marketing mix.

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  1. Economical and Cost-Effective

Some aspects of marketing are always going to be expensive but things like flyer printing and leaflet printing are much more affordable. A variety of printing companies offer leaflet printing at affordable prices and you can get a lot of information – front and back – onto a small flyer. Of course, you shouldn’t stuff your flyer with so much information that people don’t read it, but you can add enough detail to give people information and catch their interest.

  1. Good Quality Printing

Not all flyers are printed to a high standard but if yours are, they really stand out. Many printing services offer superior paper stock and better ink and image quality to help you create a good quality flyer that people will want to read. In the end, the better your flyer looks, the better chances you have of people reading it and acting on what you want them to do.

  1. Flexible and Resourceful

Flyers can be printed for all sorts of occasions and reasons. The most obvious are to advertise an event like a shop opening or a sale, but you can also use flyers as coupons or competitions, or to give customers more information after they have made a purchase, for example about other products in the line, or your after-sales service policy.

  1. Easy to Use

There is practically nothing easier than a flyer when it comes to distribution. You can hand them to people directly, thus increasing engagement and also allowing you to make personal contact with prospective customers, add them to a customer mailing pack, put them directly in letter boxes, deliver them via email, or put them on a reception desk or your exhibitions stands for people to pick up. Because flyers are light you can easily carry them around and store them.

  1. Simple to Print

You will find hundreds of printing companies able to print your flyers for you, so you should be able to find the service that suits your needs. Remember to ask about printing turnaround times, and whether you can get a discount for bulk orders. Because flyers are a tried-and-tested printing job you won’t have to wait long for your order to be completed.

  1. Quick to Read

Many people have very little time on their hands and the information you include on a flyer can be easily digested and acted upon. Flyers are more convenient than brochures and people are more likely to read all of a flyer. For a short, effective marketing message you can’t beat the simple flyer.

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