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6 Exciting Small-Business Ideas for Every Taste: Bring Yours to Life

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The first thing you should remember is that you can do it! You can set up your own business even if you did not take that Economics or Business and Management course in college. By the way, you can easily take its online version. And now you are going to get a good portion of motivation to start it next Monday.

When my potential sponsors are waiting for a business plan, but I have absolutely no time for it, I ask professionals to write my paper online, providing them with all necessary details and instructions. Save your time for more essential things than paperwork!

So, do you find yourself a decent tutor? Do you want to sell your own software? Can you bake those gluten-free cakes? Perfect! It is the right time to make the things you really like generate real profit.

Check out these six inspiringsmall-business ideas andmake sure you can fulfill your dream to become a successful entrepreneur in the very near future, with no or almost no money on your bank card!

Culinary Idea: Colorful Truck with Artisanal Foods

What does an always-on-the-go society need to survive? Let us put aside solar batteries and recycling plants, and think about some more earthbound things.

Whether we like it or not, we still need food. But in the world of creatures who count every second of their lives, even a food service should be as mobileas possible in order to meet all needs of such busy civilization.

And this is a brilliant opportunity to earn some profit for a person who can drive and likes cooking. Share your granny’s culinary masterpieces with all those guys in stuffy offices and at noisy venues. In order to insure yourself against any unpleasant issues, consult with the local health department in advance to find out about all ordinances and safety standards.

Social Idea: Children or Senior Care Services

They can range from babysitting or Sunday yoga classes to technical support and even designing special apps. Just think what is interesting for you and how you could make it interesting either for kids or for elderly people.

If we are speaking about providing child-oriented services, which are expected to be in high demand due to the recent baby booms, you can try your skills in preschool education (for example, math or creative thinking classes for kids aged 4-6), enrichment activities (dust off your guitar, skis or swimsuit) or the development of brain-training video games for kids.

The number of seniors is also expected to grow significantly in the next few decades. It means that the demand for various senior care services will increase as well. The nice thing is that they are not limited by housecleaning or pet sitting. Think about technical support for gadgets, transportation services, designing special devices for easier home maintenance or medical care. However, you should keep in mind that to provide some of them (for medical services in particular) you may be required to hold a special franchise or certificate.

Environment-Friendly Idea: Bike and E-Bikes Services

You can choose from sale, resale, rent or repair, as well as provide all of them at a time.

The number of cyclists is reported to grow every year, while these days all over the world governments tend to encourage citizens to opt for bicycles, both traditional and electric, instead of cars and even public transport.

By the way, the latter, with electric motors integrated to them, are becoming more and more popular among young adults. According to the data from the online statistics portal Statista, sales of e-bikes are expected to reach 40 million units by 2023.

What is more, a traditional pedal bike can be transformed into an e-bike, by replacing the front or back wheel hub with the one that contains an electric motor plus adding a battery and cabling.

So, this is your great opportunity to try yourself as an entrepreneur if you are a bike-fan and an environment-friendly person who wants to set up a business.

Academic Idea: Your Own Online Course

Do you have your own strategy for dealing with math or English tests? Launch your online test preparation course for school or college students and share it with them! Go original, creative and humorous, give them confidence that they can get the highest score!

On the other hand, you should not limit yourself with standard study programs. You can share your passion for the history of American Indians, Hebrew language or just cooking vegetarian meals.

The optimal solution for launching an online course is to create a blog first and fill it with some materials. Besides, it will help you introduce yourself to a potential audience and draw their attention to your course.

Check out different online platforms, but be ready that usually maintaining such a video blog is not free of charge.

Linguistic Idea: Language and/or Translation Services

Written communication has become incredibly fast and vitally important for all of us.I mean not only e-mails, but every written text which is aimed at delivering certain information to certain audiences. College admission letters, business contracts, online ads – people want them to be perfect in every sense of this world.

If you know how exactly a perfect contract or advert should look like, think about becoming a freelance editor and proofreader, or even a ghost-writer. A good command of mother tongue is an amazingly rare skill. So, if you have it, you should make the most of it, literally.

What? You can speak and translate from and to a foreign language? Why not become a freelance translator then, especially if you have a professional right to provide notarized and certified translation, as well as apostille service?

High-Tech Idea: Software Development

According to the numbers provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 a software developer was paid about $50 per hour, which makes a little bit more than $100,000 per year. This proves that today the job of software developer is one of the most well-paid jobs in the world.

Besides, according to Michael Page UK, the recruitment company, a profession of software engineer is one of top 5 in-demand professions today.

Look like quite good motivation to turn into a self-employed contractor, enjoying the advantages of cloud computing and remote access, as well as your profit, in any corner of our planet.

These are just a few examples of where to start building your profitable business. Of course, you can choose from many other types of human activity. Just remember that your own wish to become an entrepreneur is the most essential component of your success.

So, it is time to think what you really like to do and make it bring you money!


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