Why Take the Services of Click 4 Warranty?

Click 4 Warranty is a UK based company that possesses more than 20 years of experience in offering superior quality, service driven and financial insurance products in the automotive division. This is a company that sells motor insurance directly to its customers bypassing dealer networks which saves both time and money. The company got new opportunities of launching innovative products and the flexibility of writing its terms and conditions definitely and clearly by the prestigious Red sands Insurance Company becoming its partner in 2003. It is a company that sells flexible and superior quality products adhering to the company’s membership of the FCA. The insurance products available from this company are affordable and easy to purchase.

Why Choose the Best Insurance Provider in UK

What you can expect from Click 4 Warranty is an accurate quote in only a few seconds along with a complete list of all the parts which are covered. The main feature of this company is its one policy approach which ensures that you refer to only one document when selecting the best cover that works for you. There are good reasons behind the success of this company as an honored and prestigious insurance coverage provider. The premium offered by this organization is safe and some noteworthy points about the company have been detailed below:

  •        This company is an expert in motor related insurance products throughout UK
  •        It is a member of The Association of British Insurers or ABI
  •        It is a charitable member of The Financial Ombudsman Scheme
  •        Underwrites one of the largest Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Books of the UK
  •        European regulated
  •    Customer insurance policy remains protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

 Click 4 Warranty

What you Get?

This UK based insurance provider understands the requirements of its customers and responds with quality insurance products exceeding the expectations of each and every customer. The company officials are of the view that the flexibility, clarity and quality of the products offered by the company along with top class customer service cannot be surpassed. It is an organization that offers:

  •        Wear and tear cover as standard
  •        Vehicle inspections for free with every insurance policy
  •        No premium for cars offering high mileage
  •        Protection against cost of electrical and mechanical failures
  •        Cover right from day one
  •        Choice of different claim limits like £3000, £5000 and £7000
  •        Absence of yearly mileage restrictions
  •        Overnight accommodation, vehicle recovery and car hire

The Ultimate Review

Click 4 Warranty is a straightforward and professional car warranty provider offering all standard products which an individual expects from an insurer. There are some important points that can be noted about this company and they are as follows:

  •        This company is great for all sorts of cars and especially for the old cars. It can arrange policies for cars which are more than 12 years old.
  •        There is an average excess of a nominal £10 for each claim.
  •        Customers get the flexibility of setting claim limits when taking out an insurance coverage giving them good flexibility in price as well.

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