What to Look For In a Brand Reputation Management Company

The cost of a poor reputation or brand should never be underestimated. An example is a company that has severely negative reputation and the name of the company has 7 of the top 10 Google search results but they are all negative. Good search results but not if the brand name is really bad.

brand reputation management

Owners unaware

There are business owners who are taken totally off-guard by online brand reputation issues. Many did not even know there is a reputation online. They will commonly question why people are saying derogatory things about their company on the internet. Executives spend long years in developing a strong brand and reputation and they become very unsettled to wake up one day and see remarks that are outrageous and at times even libelous or slanderous. The negative reviews often have high rankings in search engines.Whether the negative commentsare true or not – they are still negative.

Causes of negative brands

There are several things that can damage a brand including:

  • Lack of content that is quality – A good brand should always match quality words on blog entries, books, social media posts and when giving speeches of any type. You need to be certain that words that are read or listened to leave good impressions.
  • Websites that are poorly designed – This is the first place that people will form an impression of you or your company’s brand. You need to make sure the website is up to date and offers relevant information.

Brand reputation management

You also need to look for a brand reputation management company that stands out and can help you with rebuilding your brand. This would consist of:

  • A campaign to launch a new professionally done website with a new logo or brand and lots of press – very positive press.
  • Boosting the SEO value of all existing web properties by pushing positive content;
  • Creating new web properties that serve as more sources of positive content;
  • Reach out to form content-producing relationships with those who are influencers in this field;
  • Monitor, track and improve the performance of all owned, earned and paid for content channels;
  • Respond directly to online messages or comments;
  • Submitting takedown requests – which are under applicable laws and customs when online publishers post information that is defamatory or inaccurate;
  • Use legal actions in those cases of libel that are obvious.

There are a number of good companies that can help you with your brand reputation.

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