Top Most Popular Online Meeting Apps, Software, and Platforms

With the rise of the internet, people and the companies have transformed their way of carrying out different operations and functions. Important business meetings are now done online using different online meeting apps. These online meeting software have made communication, coordination and interaction easier than before among the people all over the globe. There are currently many online meeting platforms designed for the same purpose having their own features, but not all are good to use.

There are reasons behind companies’ preference of these meeting apps. The first and the foremost reason is that these apps and platforms saves them a lot of money. Arranging a meeting at one place implies that all the shareholders, business partners, and other people associated with the meeting will have to travel all the way to that particular meeting point to have the discussion. In such situation, these online meeting apps saves them from all the complications. And that through these software, meetings and discussions can be held at any time and at any place.

Following are some of the popular online meeting apps that the companies use.

  • EzTalk Meetings

This software gives awesome meeting experience that enables one to join or host any online meeting from any device. Its free version supports up to hundred individuals in a meeting forty times. The app gives hassle-free, quick and easy access to online discussions and meetings. It promises high quality audios and superb HD videos. Other features such as recording and sharing the content can also be done through ezTalk Meetings.

  • me

It is one of the mostly used meeting app bringing together up to 250 people in the same discussion. It supports all features such as sharing content and screens, transferring files, recording the discussion, joining in from the mobile, and even allows to change the presenters. Personalization can also be done with custom URLs and screen backgrounds.

  • WebEx

This platform is the oldest and mostly used for online meeting since it’s easy and contains the best customer portfolio. All important features are supported by WebEx along with being affordable.

  • GoToMeeting

Many companies go for this meeting platform since it allows customized meeting URLs and sharing of screens. HD quality videos are also supported by this app. It also possesses the interactive whiteboard feature for highlighting and annotating the screen of the presenter. However, its free version allows only 3 attendees.

There are many other apps along with the above mentioned apps. However, these are the most popular ones and commonly used by the companies. All these meeting platforms have made collaborations, interactions, discussions, and presentations smooth and easy than ever before for the people and the companies.

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