Tips to Aid You while Availing Loan from Any Finance Firm

Presently, there are many modes to borrow money from any finance firms. If the need arises, loans are easily available to be paid back with interest after a period of fixed time. The type of loan available with every finance vendor are personal loan, home loan, consumer loan, vehicle loan, marriage loan, consumer loan, education loan and many more.

It is universal motto that borrowing money will lead to more sorrow. People are afraid to borrow money even at the time of financial crisis.

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Why loan availing is not a negative issue in modern age?

Everyone at some point of life needs to have ready cash to fulfil their obligations. It may be for education, business, to pay medical bills or to buy assets. Earlier the interest was little higher and the payment conditions were quite complicated. Today, it has become easier as the terms and conditions for repayment has become advantageous for both borrower and lender.

Here are few points to be noted before applying for any kind of loan:

  • If your payroll is insufficient to have the needed loan amount, you can apply jointly with your parent or spouse. Budgeting will help you to decide correctly the amount you will be able to repay every month.
  • Before applying for any kind of loan verify the benefits of each.
  • It is better to have loan form public banks in compare to private firms as the rate of interest will be comparatively low.
  • Personal loans are easily available from any finance firm with less verification done by them. Hence it is the best option to have the needed money easily.
  • Have loan from the bank which believes in calculating interest in monthly reducing basis. You have to pay less interest than annual calculation of interest. Some private banks even fortified the last instalment if their customer has cleared all EMIs on time.
  • If you have intention to pay the principal loan amount before the term gets finished, then check the prepayment penalty. Some banks may charge you the interest to be paid for the whole and some reputable firms may cancel the remaining interest in case of prepayment of loan by their customer.
  • It is better to opt to borrow money from the bank which insists on you taking some kind of insurance. The premium is minimal, but the added advantage is in case of your death, the remaining amount will be paid by the insurance agency. This will help your family by not paying back your debt. Some insurance agencies even pay few EMIs if you are again facing any financial crunch.
  • Always avail for low processing fees. Always verify if they are charging any additional fees like application fee or administration fee. There may be minimum charges while having personal loan like stamp duty or lawyer fee instead of processing fee.
  • Maintaining good credit history helps in getting loan easily. Any kind of late payment or missing the payment the whole month will result in bad credit score. It will have adverse effect on your future loan sanction, as every moneylender will check your credit history. Never try to go over your credit limit.

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