Moving Your Offices

Investing in new workspaces is the sign of a major real estate project to support the growth of your company or the new size of your teams.

Whether new or old offices, moving to new business premises must be methodical and perfectly organized. These are some major key steps to ensure a move in the best conditions.

Choose A Date

Whether you are now the owner of an office building or a tenant of an open-space type, you must establish retro planning according to the desired date of entry into the premises.

Ideally, I will favor the end of the fiscal year or the summer period, generally quieter regarding workload and therefore more comfortable for employees.

Involve Employees

To federate the teams around this great joint project, we can organize brainstorming meetings, by service, to ensure that everyone can express themselves on the distribution of locations or the layout of offices.

Indeed, moving to new premises must ensure or even improve communication and information sharing among employees.

Make Address Changes

In the same way as for residential real estate when moving into a new apartment, you must communicate your new contact information to all your contacts: service providers, suppliers, customers, etc.

If you have a fleet of professional vehicles, the gray cards must be up to date within one month of moving to your new offices.

Furniture and Office Supplies

If you move into new offices, your old furniture may not be suitable for the layout of your new business premises. So, it’s important to know the ones that could be integrated into the new ones before the move. New office supplies and stationaries should be ordered too to make up for the used ones, and the move into a bigger office as greater needs will arise, you can order Office Supplies & Stationery by Southwest Binding.

Sort, Archive, And Identify

Invite all associates to start the inventory of their office about a month before the planned arrival in the new premises. On the program, sorting, archiving and packing.

Each employee must be able to be clearly identified through cardboard and furniture labeling system (with a coding service, floor or by name) to facilitate the work of the moving company and ensure tracing optimal equipment and records.

Computer Transfers and Telephone Lines

For all the equipment to be fully operational the day of the arrival of the employees to their new workstation, the IT department will be strongly involved throughout the project to ensure the transfer of servers and perform the necessary tests to ensure various access and other network connections to all employee’s computers.

The same goes for the telephone lines that will be transferred as they should be operational as soon as the staff enters the new offices.

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