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Methods of Free Advertising

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Advertising is the most important form of marketing. People will never come to know about your services or product if you don’t advertise it. Advertising makes people aware of your product. After that other forms of marketing like, publicity and public relations take over. Advertising is sometimes very expensive and advertisers find it difficult to afford them. Most of the businesses looks for free advertising, where they will have to spend less and it should be equally effective at the same time.

Free advertising is also a part of classified advertising and this type of advertising is usually found in newspapers and other print Medias which are generally sold free of cost. If you are looking for technical support please contact Hertfordshire IT support team. Which are best in their jobs.

Methods of Free Advertising

Methods of free advertising of your website

Yahoo answers: They are real, as people comment their experiences on them and it is more likely that people will take seriously about whatever ad is posted on the yahoo page. Yahoo is a popular question and answer site and it is popular for a very good reason. People, now days or more particularly your target audience is very lazy, they don’t want to read long articles to get the desired information. They would prefer the short answers more. And for this preference yahoo is the first choice. It is totally free to sign in to yahoo and to ask and answer questions. The best thing for the advertiser is that you can advertise here for free. You must be thinking how? When you are posting an answer there, what you can do is that you post the link of your website along with your answer and the interested people will open it for sure. Yahoo question answers on the first page of Google search results, this is another benefit too.

Craigslist: It is a useful website through which people can connect, find jobs, intern opportunities and job volunteers. You can also get roommates, apartments, work (temporary or permanent). It allows you to post your resume and then to get the work. It works like a classified community. Unlike other websites, it is updates and used every day where you people selling and advertising there services, finding jobs or getting jobs. You don’t have to sign up for this, you can just browse through. If you have to post ads to buy or sell something, then you have to sign up. It’s totally free and very simple to operate. All you have to do is to type your email address then you have to fill that captcha type code. Follow and agree with the terms and conditions. It’s just a matter of 10 minutes. It is very powerful website when it comes to high ranking. You don’t have to pay for posting ads. You can make an ad, which is according to the rules of free posting. You can make use of the URL of your website too. The web traffic of your website will increase eventually.

Facebook: Facebook plays an important role in the lives of people of 21st century. Everybody is on Facebook no matter a person if of age 10 or 100. Having a vast population on Facebook, advertising here is a very good option. It is one of the best free advertising tool till now. Using Facebook, you can reach billions and millions of people. To get the attention of the target audience you can use creative content writers. The most important thing in website marketing is to understand SEO. You can later use it in different ways. It’s something to spend your time on.

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