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Keep Your Cashflow Moving in a Positive Direction?

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Running a business that operates like clockwork without any problems is the sign of an entrepreneur that takes time to monitor every aspect of their company. You must assume a plethora of roles as the owner so that your cashflow remains positive, your employees stay loyal to your business, and your reputation within the corporate community is stellar. Knowing how much money you have, what you’ll owe each month, and preparations for the unexpected will keep you operating successfully from day to day. What should you be monitoring? Let’s review some of the important financial aspects of your company that need daily attention so that you can receive the profits you want at the end of the quarter.


  1. Give special attention to the invoices that you send to your clients each month. Do they have the date due in a highly visible location? Have you included a detailed explanation of the goods or services supplied and the total cost that is due to your business? It’s important to inform the client of the payment methods that you accept, of any incentives that you offer for early payment, and the consequences for delayed or late payments. Money is the lifeblood of your business and collecting what is owed to you by clients is the first step in keeping your cashflow healthy and flowing in a positive direction.
  2. If you notice that a particular client has a troubled payment history, contact them to work out a payment plan that is suitable for both you and them. You can suggest that they visit the website to find a viable solution that can help them get through challenging economic trials. Work with them especially if they are a valuable customer so that you can get your money and they can take time to work out any cashflow problems that they may be experiencing.
  3. Consider offering incentives and discounts for early payment by clients who always pay on time. You can set a date that qualifies them for a discount on their total bill which will encourage them to pay early each month. This will also help to build a good working relationship with loyal clients who never miss a payment to your company. A programme such as this will also keep a positive cashflow for your company so that you can honour your own financial obligations.
  4. Monitor and adjust your billing cycles to coincide with payouts that you must make each month. It’s imperative that you have the cash to pay your own bills and by collecting your invoices in a timely fashion you can honour your bills and protect your business reputation in the corporate community.

When you take the time to prevent cash problems from impacting your company you will have happy employees, satisfied vendors, and clients who pay on time to take advantage of the wonderful incentives you offer them. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and monitoring your cash helps to prevent cashflow problems that can present a host of problems for your business.

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