How to choose forklift for your commercial needs

Today most of the owners of the warehouses know what the forklift is and which benefits such wonderful machine has. Forklifts are small vehicles, which are equipped with the fork to pick, load and unload cargo of different sizes. And if you have not already used such innovation in your warehouse, this article will help you to find out the type of the forklift rentals you need.

Forklift – is the main type of material handling equipment. It is used for loading and unloading and transport of goods over short distances. Capture of goods by means of the fork – hence the name “forklift”. However, instead of the forks can be used the different attachments, especially a variety of clamps specifically designed and “sharpened” under a certain kind of load (coils, barrels, household appliances, etc.). This significantly extends the range of applications of this type of technology.

How to choose forklift rentals?

When choosing the forklift rentals, at first you should pay attention to the following key parameters:

1. Rated capacity. Please note that this parameter is calculated for a situation where the center of gravity of a lifted load is at a distance of 50-60 centimeters from the base of the fork (the middle of a standard pallet). With the increasing of this distance the real capacity decreases dramatically. Reduced it and rise to great heights (at the maximum height may be reduced to 50% of the nominal).
Thus, if you plan to work with oversized loads or raising them to a higher altitude, you should think about the power headroom.

2. The type of the forklift rentals. Basing on this parameter we distinguish:

– Forklifts running on the internal combustion engine where is used diesel fuel, gasoline, natural gas, or hydrogen;

– Forklifts running on electricity and use rechargeable batteries.

Each type has own benefits and nonconformancies.

Electric forklifts are more environmentally friendly, producing less noise, easier to constructively, it is easier to maintain, more convenient for the operator (less vibration, no exhaust, less noise, etc.), have a long service life with respect to the mechanisms of power the engine drive.
However, the price of the electric forklifts is higher due to the cost of the batteries. In addition, batteries require considerable time to recharge. When the electric forklift rentals runs at low temperatures must be taken into account that the electrolyte battery can freeze to ice and deformed, and charge of the battery must be carried in a separate charging room.

Gas, petrol, diesel forklifts can operate continuously, cheaper than electric and with the same carrying capacity, less “picky” to weather conditions. Such forklift rentals can provide high load capacity.

The main drawbacks – are the harmful emissions (especially gasoline forklifts), high noise levels, which leads to their use mainly outdoors, vibration machines from the ICE.

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